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PRESS RELEASE February 2011

Excellence in aluminium is Kiwi Kraft's catch cry and regardless of which of the 17 models you purchase you will receive cutting edge design, first-class workmanship and attention to detail. This is what gives a Kiwi Kraft boat the edge in safety, performance and styling. The Kiwi Kraft story grew from one man's love of diving, fishing and hunting - his name is Rodney Harris. In 1988 Rodney saw a need for a safer, better performing aluminium boat. One that also appealed to the eye. Kiwi Kraft was born .

Developed using Kiwi Hush Technology. What is Kiwi Hush Technology? Hush Technology is what sets the Kiwi Kraft boats apart. It represents a series of innovative design features that lifts Kiwi Kraft aluminium boat technology up to, and in many cases surpasses, equivalent fibreglass and aluminium boat design.

H for Hi-performance. Brilliant straight-line speed, unsurpassed manoeuvrability, supreme stability, ultra fast cornering and faster, flatter planning in any conditions – in short incomparable hi-performance.

US for Ultra-smooth ride. We don’t just talk about this important aspect we make it happen. No more choppy rides or spray – soaked trips – just a controlled, no-nonsense performance that allows you to enjoy your Kiwi Kraft boat more often thanks to the ultra-smooth ride.

H for Hull. This is where Kiwi Kraft boats rise to the top amongst our peers. Our hulls are stronger and more rigid due to Kiwi’s roll forming technology. Our unique hull design features, incorporating variable dead rise are what makes possible our famous, ultra smooth ride.

Kiwi HUSH technology, the secret is out!

Add to that our industry leading series of cushioning pontoons and you have quite possibly the best performing, smoothest riding and safest aluminium boat in the world. All Kiwi Kraft boats are positive buoyancy boats, making them virtually unsinkable, even when full of water and with a full contingent of passengers.

This is achieved by a system of pontoons between the hull and the floor. Each of these pontoons contains up to nine compartments, depending on the model (more than all other boats in this class) and is tested to 5 PSI during construction.

"Kiwi Kraft" is proud of the many refinements it has made to boat design, fittings and accessories in the last two decades. While safety is of course paramount, clever design and good looks are what Kiwi Kraft owners have come to love. First impressions are important and Kiwi Kraft boats, with their flowing lines, stunning two-pot paint finishes and racy decals are very pleasing to the eye.

Aqualine Boats, Excellence in aluminium. Was the introduction of this same technology, safety, performance and styling to the people of Australia. and beyond.

You will find Kiwi Kraft and Aqualine boats on the water across New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world.
Boatcity NZ who are based on the Kapiti Coast Wellington distribute Aqualine boats in New Zealand.

In overseas markets we use the Aqualine name for our boats but the same Kiwi Kraft ingenuity is infused in each and every model available and they have one other very important attribute that sets them apart from the large, impersonal boat building companies and that is simply customisation! Rodney Harris, the founder and director of Kiwi Kraft, has stated, "He has no intention of becoming a mass producer of boats!". He enjoys the one-on-one interaction with his dealers and boat owners that small-scale production allows. This leads to a level of customisation previously unheard of in the boat building industry.

As Rodney often says, “If you can dream it we can build it.” He goes on to add “This is reminiscent of the old fashioned can-do attitude that has helped New Zealand become a world-beater across a range of industries. The Kiwi Kraft story grew from my love for the great outdoors. Boats have always played a huge part in my life but I never thought it would be more than a hobby. I restored and built them in my spare time. I used them, refined them and sold them. Each time creating a boat that was a little better than the last.

In the late 1980s I saw something that really caught my eye, an aluminium pontoon boat. I could see that this style of boat had the potential to revolutionise boating worldwide. It was so versatile.

This was really exciting because I could see how they could be improved and that is what I set out to do, .I dreamed of designing and building a range of world-class boats to meet the needs of the recreational market as well as for commercial and rescue use. Safety, performance and styling would be paramount in my new improved design.

And so it all began in a garage at the back of my home. The first boat was completed on July 31st 1988 & I went to a local marine store to buy a motor. I left not just with a motor but with a buyer for that first boat - I was in business! From there we have grown steadily but my commitment has never faltered. I have chosen to shape the business with an absolute focus on quality and innovation. Kiwi Kraft will never be a "mass production" company as previously stated, each boat is built to the highest quality standards and every member of our team is totally committed to this goal.

Feel free to give me a call at any time.

Rodney Harris.