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Quicksilver Inflatable Boats

Soft hull dinghy.
Dinghy: 270

Soft hull air deck.
Air Deck: 220 - 320

Soft hull Sport.
Sport: 220 - 320

Soft hull heavy duty.
Heavy Duty: 365 - 470

Rigid hull dynamic
Dynamic RIB: 250 - 300

Rigid hull ocean runner.
Ocean Runner: RIB 290 - 460
QUICKSILVER INFLATABLE BOATS. Manufactured and supported by MERCURY MARINE New Zealands leading OUTBOARD supplier. Over 25 models to choose from. Their is a QUICKSILVER INFLATABLE BOAT that will meet your needs at more than a competative price. QUICKSILVER INFLATABLE BOATS. come in the heavy duty Duratex material or the super tough Hypalon.

10 reasons why you should buy a QUICKSILVER INFLATABLE BOAT.

1. Quicksilver inflatable boats quality & strength
Every Quicksilver is manufactured using the highset-quality components. All Duratex® HD models feature thermo-welded seams and fittings for superior strength and durability. While lightweight, they've been re-designed to take the additional weight of today's outboards.

2. Quicksilver inflatable boats smarter design & performance features
Every Quicksilver Inflatable comes with essential features as standard. Things such as stainless-steel towing eyes, lifting handles, a heavy-duty PVC coated transom, self-storing oars, one-way drain valve with plug, high-velocity air pump, repair kit in waterproof container and a carry bag.

3. Quicksilver inflatable boats warranty
Backed by the resources of Mercury Marine, part of the world's largest boating group, every Quicksilver Inflatable boat is protected with a full 3 or 5 Year limited warranty.

4. Quicksilver Inflatable boats have a choice of super-durable materials
Quicksilver Inflatable Boats are made to defy the elements and harsh enviroments. Choose from either Duratex® HD or Hypalon® XD fabrics materials that have set the standard for the marine industry.

5. Quicksilver inflatable boats High-performance QuickLift® end-cones
The extended end-cones not only look sleek, they reduce planing time by 50% and bowrise by 15%. You also get a drier ride coming off the plane, with little or no backwash from the transom. This design also gives additional lift and bouyancy in the transom area, plus better stability in adverse weather conditions, as the bow is kept down in windy or rough conditions.

6. Quicksilver inflatable boats have a wide range of models to suit your needs
We offer 6 different ranges and over 30 different models, sizes and carrying capacities.

7. Quicksilver inflatable boats Inflatable keel for added performance
All Quicksilver AIR DECK®, Sport and Heavy Duty models feature an inflatable keel for superior performance and steering.

8. Quicksilver inflatable boats Fold-down rowlocks & storage for oars
The rowlocks are stored on the outside of the tubes, to leave the top areas free for seating.

9. Quicksilver inflatable boats High-velocity air pump reduces inflation time
These pumps provide 20% more volume than earlier models, so you can set your boat up quickly and get out on the water faster. They include a handy pressure gauge that can be placed on top of the pump, to monitor pressure whilst inflating.

10. Quicksilver inflatable boats Smart storage bag
Our folding storage-bag design is much easier than a conventional zipper bag.

PLUS Add to these Inflatable boats a Mercury outboard of your choice.

Great range, quality & value They're easy to store, easy to transport, launch, and very easy on the pocket.   As a ship-to-shore craft, or as a go-anywhere boat in its own right.   Quicksilver Inflatable Boats makes a whole lot of sense.

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